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About Us

Welcome to Alpine Tropical Plants

After working in direct sales with Samsung and LG mobile phones for many years and receiving the training that these two giants give for customer support.  It was our CEO Sawitree Kyriakides ambition to own and run her nursery.

She worked for a large exporter in plants gaining all the experience and knowledge as she had to do in her previous career, and became very quickly the main buyer for the company.

Building up a good relationship with her contacts, and going from strength to strength she started supplying other nurseries across Thailand.

She became very well known in the market place, and her contacts were soon demanding more and more of her time and knowledge.

She started selling plants using her name as Plants by Sawitree.  Very basic set up as an individual.

This with her name well known in by now the plant Industry of Thailand, her move to change her life as a mere employee was about to explode.

People were calling her to ship plants for them all over the world.

She was hesitant, as this market very difficult to break into, and as a New girl on the block didn’t want to fail, that would knock her confidence.

In stepped her lifelong Partner and Husband, a retired businessman from the UK, to support her in confidence and to give her the advise she needed to create a business different to the ones that exist and to make her life change.


Now the demand is endless.

This story will continue

Thanking all of our suppliers and customers who have shown their support and trust I remain faithful to you all.