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Order Information & Policy

All orders must be placed on our website and we guarantee you, ordering with us online is so simple and easy.  Simply register on our website then log-in and you're ready to shop!

Select your desired plant/s and press the Add To Cart button, this will move them to your shopping cart.  When you are satisfied with your plant selection and ready to checkout, just go to the Cart page and follow the steps to checkout or to submit your order.

We apologize in case we cannot cater you with an actual photo of what's in our stock as this will be a tedious job for us if you are just inquiring about your desired plant/s.  

All our plants are fast-moving including the rarest and in highest demand, meaning, our stocks change daily.  And so, the photos on our website are for reference only.  We do update them always but they are not necessarily meant to be the latest or actual plants of what you will receive.  However, you can request for the actual photo of your order when we start packing them.  

If a plant is out-of-stock, this will immediately reflect on the Cart page.  The plant will be highlighted with three asterisks after the name and you cannot proceed to checkout until you remove the unavailable plant/s.

There is no minimum order required.  However, it is your responsibility to check with your Customs Bureau regarding importation laws in your country.   

If you are shipping to the following countries, your shipping cost will automatically be calculated by our system.


United States







United Arab Emirates


South Korea


Hong Kong

All other regions and countries not mentioned above will have their shipping fee quoted manually.  We will send the quotation for the shipping cost as soon as we receive your order.

Phytosanitary Certificate has a required fee of $50 per order.  This is automatically included in the last Step of the checkout process.

You may be eligible for a discount depending on your cumulated total spend with us.  Our VIP Program will automatically pick-up your total spend each time you order and you will automatically get a corresponding discount depending on your current VIP level.  VIP Program is a lifetime privilege.  The more you spend the more you get a chance to avail bigger discounts!