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Refund & Return Policy

Plants are fragile, lest, perishable.  Please be informed that we do utmost care when preparing your plants.  We condition or treat them and ensure they are healthy and well-packed when shipped.  They undergo strict quality control before shipping them out.  If you received your plants, it means they PASSED the pest inspection control in our country and in yours.  Otherwise, either the Customs return or destroy them.

All plants when delivered are non-returnable.  We can only offer replace under certain terms and conditions.

Our Tissue Culture plants are non-refundable, non-returnable, nonreplaceable and no guarantees.

We refund via Store Credit or replace any dead plants that you received, it's your choice.  Please report it immediately within one (1) day from receipt of your box.  Again, these are perishable goods and it will be unfair to us if you file a dispute after days have passed already.  If you do not file a dispute within 24 hours from receipt of your order, goods are deemed as satisfactorily received.

It is very important to back your dispute or complaint with evidence by providing us the Order Confirmation with your name as our customer and by taking a video while unboxing your plants as well as taking each one of them especially the affected ones, focusing also on the area where the plant has damage.

We refund via Store Credit or send any missing plants that are not in the packing list.

We do not replace or refund, neither we entertain any dispute if you are not a direct customer of us, with your name addressed in the Order Confirmation.

We do not replace or refund just for cosmetic damage.  Plants are very fragile, and so, it is very common to have some damage to their leaves or roots possibly caused during its transport.

We do not refund or replace plants affected by extreme natural disasters such as floods, drought, winter, etc.

We do not refund or replace plants that are neglect by the customer such as being away from home on the delivery day, unopened box within 24 hours from receipt, etc.

We do not replace or refund any loss or damage caused by any delays or mishandling during the inspection and delivery process.  Cases like this are decided upon by the Customs bureau or responsibility of the Courier that we have no control over.

We do not replace or refund if your own forwarder is used in shipping your goods.