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All orders must be placed on our website and we guarantee you, ordering with us online is so simple and easy.  Simply register on our website then log-in and you're ready to shop!

Select your desired plant/s and press the Add To Cart button, this will move them to your shopping cart.  When you are satisfied with your plant selection and ready to checkout, just go to the Cart page and follow the steps to checkout or to submit your order.

We apologize in case we cannot cater you with an actual photo of what's in our stock as this will be a tedious job for us if you are just inquiring about your desired plant/s.  

All our plants are fast-moving including the rarest and in highest demand, meaning, our stocks change daily.  And so, the photos on our website are for reference only.  We do update them always but they are not necessarily meant to be the latest or actual plants of what you will receive.  However, you can request for the actual photo of your order when we start packing them.  

If a plant is out-of-stock, this will immediately reflect on the Cart page.  The plant will be highlighted with three asterisks after the name and you cannot proceed to checkout until you remove the unavailable plant/s.

There is no minimum order required.  However, it is your responsibility to check with your Customs Bureau regarding importation laws in your country.   

If you are shipping to the following countries, your shipping cost will automatically be calculated by our system.


United States







United Arab Emirates


South Korea


Hong Kong

All other regions and countries not mentioned above will have their shipping fee quoted manually.  We will send the quotation for the shipping cost as soon as we receive your order.

Phytosanitary Certificate has a required fee of $50 per order.  This is automatically included in the last Step of the checkout process.

You may be eligible for a discount depending on your cumulated total spend with us.  Our VIP Program will automatically pick-up your total spend each time you order and you will automatically get a corresponding discount depending on your current VIP level.  VIP Program is a lifetime privilege.  The more you spend the more you get a chance to avail bigger discounts!



Once order has been placed and payment has been made, revision is strictly no longer allowed such as adding or deleting plants.  Please understand that it is a tedious job as well as confusing for us adjusting the order as well as for the payment or refund. 

In some cases where you may be allowed to modify your order but take days to finalize it, the processing period of 10 days shall begin from the day when the order was finalized.


Orders may be cancelled within three (3) days from payment, otherwise, there will have a handling charge of 25% of your total order . Please understand that we start processing your order as soon as we received your payment and within the 3 days period, we have gone too far already in preparing your order.

If you haven't paid for your order yet, you can cancel it anytime by simply contacting us on our messengers or e-mail.


Payment reserves your order.  Due to huge volume of orders we receive every week, we cannot hold your desired plants without payment.

Payment can be made through the following options:

  • Paypal
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • International Bank Wire Transfer
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Other money remittance centers.

For orders that require a Shipping Quote, please do not send your payment until we update your order with the shipping quote.

Please send a copy of your payment receipt to our e-mail at sales@alpinetropicalplants.com.  If you don't send it to our e-mail, our Sales team won't be able to get track of it, thus, your order status won't be updated.

Please read through our Cancellation Policy for order cancellation after payment.


Upon payment, we begin processing/preparing your order and normally takes 10-14 days to complete everything and ready for shipment.  This includes treating/conditioning the plants, careful packing, and documents processing.  Upon completing the preparation, only by then we can schedule for shipment.

All our plants are shipped bare-root, wrapped in a damp sphagnum moss and then enclose it in a plastic bag.  After that, we then wrap each individual plant in a sheet of gift wrapping tissue paper or sometimes in a newspaper to keep the plants warm.  

We ship our plants via Dragon Courier and normally takes 4-7 days to get to customer's doorstep.  Import permit is generally not required.

If the Shipping Method displays "Request For Shipping Quote", that means we do Air Freight shipment through Mask Air International.

When shipping with Dragon Courier, some countries can get the shipping cost instantly upon submitting their order from our website (please refer to Order Information and POlicy).  For the rest of the countries not mentioned and for Air Cargo, shipping cost is calculated manually.

For Air Freight shipment, you may have to engage with a broker or clearing agent on your side to help you clear your box/es at your Customs.  We have no idea about the laws and policies for Customs Clearance of every country.  So, we suggest to please contact your Customs bureau and clarify with them carefully about importing plants to your destination country.

Shipping with your own forwarding company is allowed.  However, the replacement guarantee will be forfeited.

We strictly require an import permit for our international door-to-door delivery.  This is to protect our customers’  interest.  Please send your Import Permit at ipermit@alpinetropicalplants.com.

For US customers, we may require your Import Permit if you are ordering more than 12 plants.  Otherwise, we can ship it without a need for import permit.

Phytosanitary certificate is charged at $50 per shipment.  This is automatically included when you submit your order.

You do not have to pay tax or import duties when receiving your goods. 


Plants are fragile, lest, perishable.  Please be informed that we do utmost care when preparing your plants.  We condition or treat them and ensure they are healthy and well-packed when shipped.  They undergo strict quality control before shipping them out.  If you received your plants, it means they PASSED the pest inspection control in our country and in yours.  Otherwise, either the Customs return or destroy them.

All plants when delivered are non-returnable.  We can only offer replace under certain terms and conditions.

Our Tissue Culture plants are non-refundable, non-returnable, nonreplaceable and no guarantees.

We refund via Store Credit or replace any dead plants that you received, it's your choice.  Please report it immediately within one (1) day from receipt of your box.  Again, these are perishable goods and it will be unfair to us if you file a dispute after days have passed already.  If you do not file a dispute within 24 hours from receipt of your order, goods are deemed as satisfactorily received.

It is very important to back your dispute or complaint with evidence by providing us the Order Confirmation with your name as our customer and by taking a video while unboxing your plants as well as taking each one of them especially the affected ones, focusing also on the area where the plant has damage.

We refund via Store Credit or send any missing plants that are not in the packing list.

We do not replace or refund, neither we entertain any dispute if you are not a direct customer of us, with your name addressed in the Order Confirmation.

We do not replace or refund just for cosmetic damage.  Plants are very fragile, and so, it is very common to have some damage to their leaves or roots possibly caused during its transport.

We do not refund or replace plants affected by extreme natural disasters such as floods, drought, winter, etc.

We do not refund or replace plants that are neglect by the customer such as being away from home on the delivery day, unopened box within 24 hours from receipt, etc.

We do not replace or refund any loss or damage caused by any delays or mishandling during the inspection and delivery process.  Cases like this are decided upon by the Customs bureau or responsibility of the Courier that we have no control over.

We do not replace or refund if your own forwarder is used in shipping your goods.


We guarantee that all our products are of very good quality and very well taken care of.  However, due to unavoidable circumstances there may be times when a plant dies on arrival to its destination.

And so, please take note of our following REPLACEMENT POLICY:

1.  We DO NOT refund the payment made in case any of our plants have died on arrival.  We can only replace the plant/s and should be shipped with customer's next order.

2.  We replace the plants in case:

a.  The plants have died because of a hold up at Customs due to a wrong paperwork being submitted.

b.  The plant/s died on normal arrival being not over 10 days travelling.


a.  The box is held up due to Customs delay other than the Phytosanitary paperwork or documents submitted by Alpine Tropical Plants.  We are not responsible for any Customs delay beyond its control or due to Customs' own reason.

b. The plants have frozen due to severe weather condition.  It is the customer's responsibility to inform us beforehand regarding their weather condition few days prior to their order's shipment.

4.  Please take note that customers not willing to use our insulated box will be refused to supply as we know that our plants won't make it to its destination and we do not want to expose our plants to those type of weather conditions.


In case of a dispute or complaint, please submit it to our Resolution Center that can be found on our website.  

While we understand that some orders came from a group of people, please understand that we will only deal with the person who registered from our website and whose name appear in the order invoice.  Thus, we do not accept any orders  coming from a group.  Any person who files a complaint and claims that he/she came from a group order will not be entertained.  


We guarantee that all our plants being shipped to your door are of best quality and in healthy condition.  They undergo strict quality controls before shipping them out.

We do not guarantee the survival of our tissue culture range during shipping.  However, we guarantee that they are shipped in top condition and should be in high percentage to survive to reach to your doorstep.

We do not guarantee the survival of the plants.

We do not give any guarantee on our Tissue Culture plants  

It is the company's full discretion should we decide to refund, replace or issue credit once.


Alpine Tropical Plants is responsible for plants ordered directly from Alpine and not responsible for plants bought from a third party.