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VIP Loyalty Program

The More Purchase You Make, The More Discount You Receive!

How To Avail the VIP Loyalty Discount Program:

  1. Register with us and start placing your orders now.  The system will automatically rank your membership VIP level as REGULAR MEMBER.
  2. Purchase as much as you can.  Depending on the Membership Level you have reached, you can avail the corresponding discount on the following month for one month period.
  3. Your total spend will accumulate accordingly.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must be a registered member.
  2. You must place your order on our website so that the system will be able to count and record your purchases.
  3. Offline purchases are not qualified in our VIP Loyalty Program as the system will not be able to record them.
  4. Your total amount spent will be recorded in our system upon completing the shipment.  In any case where your transaction did not go through in our account, Alpine Tropical Plants Co., Ltd. will deduct that failed amount from our VIP Program system and reserves the right to cancel your order as per our Order Policy.

Membership Level

Total Spend

Percentage Discount

USD 0.00


USD 4,000.00


USD 6,000.00


USD 9,000.00


USD 12,000.00